How to add kaomojis to your dictionary on iOS

So you have an iPhone or iPad and you want to use your favorite kaomojis, but you find opening up a separate website and copying it too cumbersome? Well, here’s the tutorial for you!

This tutorial is for iOS6 and lower but there shouldn’t be any major differences from iOS7.

Let’s start!
First, open up “settings” (general), then select “shortcuts”.

photo 2


This is where you find your library of kaomoji. When you want to enter a new kaomoji, you press the plus sign on the top right.


photo 4


Enter your kaomoji in the “phrase”-section and then enter a shortcut. Whenever you type the shortcut, it will replace the word with the kaomoji. Both the Japanese and English keyboard works for shortcuts, but the Japanese one lets you have multiple alternatives whereas the English one only allows one.

photo 1 (1)
photo 2 (1)


Press save and you’re done! Now your kaomoji is in your dictionary and you can use it when chatting with your friends.

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