Japanese Slang

If you want to level up your nerd game, then you should definitely try to remember the most common Japanese slang!

We have gathered up popular internet slang from Japan so that next time you see a reference in your anime or game, you’ll know what’s going on. Maybe you can even use it for planning your travels?

Wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii – a manga about nerdy friends who frequently use Japanese internet slang in their daily life.


Laughing – LOL | LOLOL| ROFL | LMAO

The most common way to “lol” in Japanese is to use the letter w to denote laughter.

  • (笑) – (lol)This is an older version of “lol.” It is still used to this day but the newer “w” has become more popular the last few years. You can pronounce it as  “wara”. The kanji will appear if you type “wara” in a Japanese keyboard.  笑う (warau) means to laugh.
  • 笑 – lol
  • w – lol
  • wwww – lololol – Is prounounced “wara wara wara (..)”

Another way to laugh is by saying “warota.” This would be the equivalent to ROFL or LMAO. You can use it together with “wwww”

  • ワロタ – I lol’ed / LMAO
  • くそワロタ – ROFLMAO

Basic Slang – Crying | Sweating | Easy stuff

These words are the first you should learn.

  • (泣) (Crying)
  • (汗) (Sweating)
  • おkOk
  • otsu → otsukare – Good job
  • 顔文字 – kaomoji – text-based emoticons / text smileys / (゚∀゚) etc
  • 絵文字emoji – picture-based smileys, like 😄 etc
  • hshs hasha hasha – Heavy breathing, like “haa haa”
  • wktk – Wakuwaku tekateka – the sound of being very excited about something
  • Ktkr – Kita kore – It’s finally here!
  • Kwsk – 詳しく → Kuwashiku – Details, please?
  • ググるする – Guguru suru – To google something (verb)
    Example: 自分でググってよ – Go google it yourself.
  • Ggrks – Gugure kasu –  A ruder way of saying “go google it”.
  • 888  pachipachipachi – The sound of clapping (applause)
  • ヲタクwotaku – it’s what proud nerds call themselves. It’s pronounced “otaku” (writing “otaku” without the “w” can be viewed in a negative light)
  • ノシ – is a waving kaomoji hand. Full body: (^_^)ノシ

Social Media

So you wanna make some Japanese friends online? Then these are your go-to words.

  • SNSSocial Networking Service – An outdated word in the English-speaking world, but still very ubiquitous in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Basically any social media website, like Facebook or Twitter.
  •  [Some name] @ [Some activity / place] – A very common way of broadcasting what you’re going/doing or where you currently are. For example if I write “Sunny @ sleeping” it means I’m sleeping. If I write “Sunny @ Rihanna 11/11” it means that I will be attending Rihanna’s concert on November 11th.
  • つぶやくtsubuyaku – to tweet
  • ツイ友tsuitomo – twitter friend
  • リア友 – riatomo – irl friend
  • リア充 – riajyuu – normies… Basically people who have a fulfilling social life with irl friends or significant others
  • なう  nau – Doing something “nau” (now) 
  • フォローするforro suru – To follow (verb)
  • 相互フォロー sougo forro – Following each other / refollow / f4f

If you have any good additions or see something missing, don’t hesitate to contact us here!